Thursday, May 13, 2010

We're here-written by mark

We made it last night, and while we were on the plane we think we were talking ourselves out of how "third-world" El Salvador really would be but it is has met our expectations and passed a few. They don't really have driving laws that are enforced her (no speed limit, no blinkers, so following the lines) you just go with the flow. Also it has surprised me how all the homes have very tall walls around them with razor wire on the top of them. They have bars on everything... way more than New Orleans.
However, we have had some great tender mercies! A man by the name of Jay Porter picked us up from the airport last night in a Honda Pilot with Michael Buble playing on a CD so we didn't feel very far from home. We stayed at his house last night an got to know his wife who is from Sandy, UT the whole idea of working in the foreign services is actually pretty interesting. We were pretty spoiled staying at their house because the government definately takes care of their diplomats~ This morning we slept-in a little then ate breakfast with their weird carton milk down here (not as bad as we expected). Erin (jay's wife) took us grocery shopping and then dropped us off at the Hogar (the orphanage where we are staying). Funny thing... they didn't know we were coming... at least those that are here, they are having a field trip to the beach today so the lady that is usually in charge of us is gone. So we were stranded sitting in the reception area for a couple hours with all our stuff but It doesn't matter though because we are now in our little casita just relaxing in the humid heat (Cliff would die). It is soo hot that we wish this was a nude country-but then again nude would make for some painful bug bites!!
The only disappointment we have had is we found out we can't watch Lost because Netflix and detect that we are not in the USA... Brenton talk to someone and figure out a way to rummy-jig our computers so we can watch it!!! We met a few of the kids briefly and there are some that just melt your heart. Life is good and we feel the Lord's protection. We are happy and thankful to be here... it will be a heck of an adventure.

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  1. I am SO sorry that the Hogar workers didn't know that you were coming! I DID alert them months ago, and I sent them a reminder last week...that's Latin America, for ya!

    I am surprised it is so hot there! It's usually pretty temperate. I wonder if they are having a heat wave!