Friday, May 21, 2010

Beach Day!!

So I'm really sad I didn't take my camera because we went to the beach called "costa del sol" yesterday with some of the kids here at the orphanage and it was awesome! El Salvador is such an unknown treasure because of the civil war that ended about 10 years ago a tourism industry hasn't really begun and because of it we had a nice beautiful beach to ourselves. The kids came alive! Man you see them around the orphanage and they are just sitting there and quiet but once we got them to the beach they turned into fish. They would be splashing and jumping around (if possible) in the water without fear. We were all assigned an individual person and I was assigned Chusita who is physically completely able but just has a mental delay. I'll tell you what she had so much more energy than me. She refused to sit on the beach at all, even to dig a huge hole, but wanted to be standing in the water splashing herself. We stayed at that depth for like 2 1/2 hours and believe me by the end I was pretty tired because of having to hold her steady when the huge waves came. I kept looking out at the huge waves and wished that I knew how to surf or at least had a boogie board with me. A 16 year old boy with down syndrome was hilarious because he kept tackling Mark in the water and wrestling with him. He'd pin mark under the water and then would stand up and flex his arms for everybody to see! Then they'd go and dive (mark) and bellyflop (memo) in the waves. It was such a fun day but.......WE ARE SO SUNBURNED!! I swear the sun is so much brighter here. We put on dinky 15 spf (I know that was stupid) and as I'm typing this my hands are killing me because they're burnt on the top. There is an aloe plant outside our casita and we cut off some but it stunk so bad that putting it on might have helped the burn but it also would have made me puke! Mark rub an ice cube on his back and I put wet cloths on my hands and shoulders. It was worth it though :)

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