Sunday, May 16, 2010

such a hispanic thing!

Today I was sitting in Relief Society in our little ward and there were probably 7 hermanas (sisters) there and the bishop was teaching the lesson. Next thing I know I look up and 3 of them were breast feeding!! I mean right in front of the bishop and believe me they weren't trying to hide it at all! One of them even took her shirt half-way and went as far as taking her arm out of one of the sleeves. Can you imagine if someone did that during relief society in your ward! Haha At least I got to know the ward today :).....just a little more intimatly than I would like.

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  1. Hey S&M!!! I'm loving your blog!!! Thanks so much for sending the link to Gpa K (if you didn't want us to see this, you can blame it on him :) ha! This trip is will be such an awesome experience - maybe not so much the breastfeeding but the rest of it!! This post made me laugh out loud. I actually saw this happen in sacrament meeting in San Diego, and I almost passed out. Hilarious. Keep the fun coming! - Jaimi (& Jeff)