Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Super-Hero trashbags!!

So last night Shanna had the idea of a trash bag fashion. We took trash bags and different colored duct tape and went to town... by the end it had turned into a super-hero fashion show because that is what the kids wanted. They all found some way to participate whether it was by cutting tape and trash bags, decorating bags, or a majority of them playing/dancing to music while we made their costumes. It was such a blast! The kids were so hilarious as they danced. Then when they got their costumes they would run around the comedor (lunch room). At the end of the night Shanna and I were tired from laughing so much. We love these kids and the pure joy that they bring to everyone they meet. ~MARK
This is a group picture of them all dressed up. And Mark in the background!
Maria is so cute! She is the "mothering" person here and is always taking care of everybody and getting after those that don't behave. She wouldn't dress up -I think she really wanted to but didn't want to ruin everybodies view of her as the stern one haha- but she did insist on always cutting the duck tape for me. Also she made sure everybody was lined up for pictures and was helping all of them with their costumes. I just love her! She'll always come up and give me a kiss on the cheek.

This guys is HILARIOUS!! He thought he was a "luchador" or fighter with this stuff on and was attacking us and throwing tables and chairs (well he was trying to) then he would growl and do a pose! I could not stop laughing at him because he's normally quite reserved. Also whenever a song came on that he liked he'd throw his walker aside and start getting down! I think he might have watched a bit too much dirty spanish tv because his moves sometimes immitated that of Michael Jackson/go-go dancer.

These two were the very first ones I did and they were so happy being this way and didn't want to take-off their costumes at the end of the day.

Jimena was the last person I did and I think she felt bad and thought that we weren't going to make her a costume so I told her I'd make her one unlike any of the others. So basically she is sporting a Jim Carrey The Mask/Hulk look I think what suprised me most is how willing they all were to let us do it and keep it on.

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  1. I love this story. You both look like you have such a good time with them. Maybe you should have your own special Olympics or make an obstacle course. They sound so fun.
    We miss you. Love you