Friday, May 21, 2010

Some more cute pics

This is Carmencita, a young girl who has down syndrome, and she is hilarious! She'll always run up to us to give us a hug but then is off in her own world of imagination. Her and another down syndrome boy named memo are the DJ's because they love being in charge of the music and cd's and will sit there for hours!
The kids here love to play UNO. And they'll actually beat us at it and not because we're going easy on them! The ones that maybe don't understand as much will show you a card to see if it's okay to play it and you can shake your head yes or no. In this picture are Edwin, Mark, Lupita.
This is little stevencito he's 5 years old and he wanted his picture taken. I really have like 20 pictures of him because he was doing different crazy faces and poses.

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