Sunday, May 16, 2010

Left to right: Edwin, Giovanni, Lupita, and Walter
I could go on and on about each of the kids but I decided to pick one or two each time and talk about them. Today I wanted to talk about Giovanni and Edwin. They are brothers that both have cerebral palsy of varying levels. Neither can really speak so they've developed some pretty good facial expressions and signs. The last two volunteers started them on communication books that have different themes on each page and they can turn to the pages and point to things to communicate. While their bodies don't function quite like they'd hope their minds are definately going. They love to play card games and dominos (the picture above was taken right after Giovanni beat me twice in a row!) The orphanage houses kids that range from no disabilities to having only physical or mental to having both. When I first saw Giovanni I felt sorry for him because he had to be here and when you look at him he would be considered as an attractive person and if he didn't have this disease he could have married a beautiful wife, gone to college, driven a car, listened to an ipod, typed on a laptop etc... But does having those things really guarantee happiness??? I don't think so because I know plenty of people who aren't happy yet they have those things and more. Yet my saddness for them has definately been withdrawn because the more time I spend around them I see that they truly are happy. Every time I see them they have a huge smile on their face and are with their friends. Giovanni is always picking flowers and giving them to the other female residents and their faces light up and glow when he does it. The things that make him happiest are just playing and might I add winning games. When I see him each day the words joy, contentment, and happiness come to mind. He doesn't wallow about the cards that he's been dealt in life but instead has learned to use them as tools to love others. How many times do I think "when I do this" or "when I have that" then I'll be content and life will really get good. He's taught me that happiness is found in making the most of each moment and time...I hope it rubs off on me. I know that one day after this life I will see them in the celestial kingdom running and playing soccer or volleyball with big strong bodies and their trial here will seem as if a blink of the eye!

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  1. I hope you don't mind that I blogstalked you...I needed an Hogar update! I love what you have written about the kids. It is SOOO true that they are an example of happiness. Whenever I am there, I think, "I will never complain about anything ever again." Unfortunately, I soon forget about that resolution when I return to the U.S. We are so spoiled here!

    Thanks for all the good work that you are already doing!