Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Steel Days

We took Conner to the Steel Days Carnival in American Fork. I grew up going to this so it was crazy to go and see how much has/hasn't changed. The carnival and the variety of people that go to it have not changed but I've come a long way from my highschool days of hoping to sit with the cute boy on the Zipper :) I  have a reserved seat next to the cute boy now ;) 
I made the mistake of only getting a few tickets. I should have known that Conner would eat. it. up. He would have stayed there all day long and kept point to the really big crazy rides and saying he wanted to ride them. I put my foot down and said only kid rides for now :)

Conner had this smile on his face the whole time! He loved it!

Pure Joy!

Just chillin with his arm up!

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