Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Conner is 2!

*Well this post is very late in coming but I wanted to get it documented.

Birthday Boy!! Big 2!

I can't believe my baby is 2 now! (June 2) We love him so much and love what he brings to our family. If I haven't saved his life at least twice by lunch then it probably means he's sick :)  Here are a few things about Conner.
  • Conner is probably the most active, energetic, high-energy, fearless little boy on the planet. Everybody that spends time with him is amazed by his energy and adventuring
  • Conner LOVES to climb! He climbs anything and everything possible. The first time I picked him up from nursery (he went into nursery at 16 months because of our callings) the leader said that she was amazed at the things he could climb and do. She told me she never saw a child climb the things he climbed.
  • Conner is FEARLESS. We always say that the little switch that most of us have that tells us things are dangerous or we shouldn't do them has never been switched in Conner. He honestly has no sense of danger or limits. Not only does Conner go down the biggest slide possible at every park, but he will never go up the stairs to get there. He insists on climbing the rock wall up to the slide or the fireman's pole. 
  • Conner loves the movie Cars! 
  • Conner loves I spy books and finding things 
  • Conner loves playing with Cars, trucks, animals, and tools
  • Conner loves reading books and when we put him down for bed he'll usually spend a good 30 min reading books by himself in his bed or glider before he falls asleep.
Conner on his birthday! This is honestly the best picture I could get :(

racing cupcakes

some of the food

friends and family at the party

Conner's friends helping him open presents! In the future I will have Conner only open presents from others at his party because all he wanted to do was play with the first 1 or 2 he opened.

Conner's new cool bike from Grandma and Papa King

Cars birthday cake pan

The cupcakes were a lot better tasting than the cake but Audrey and Conner loves eating the frosting

Con loves to color and draw so we got him an easel for his birthday (the easel at IKEA is seriously cheap and awesome!) He'll draw for 20-30 min at a time which is a miracle for him.

Happy Birthday Conner we love you!

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