Saturday, September 3, 2011

Lot's of pictures!

I've been horrible at blogging this summer. Sorry. I'll upload trip information on other posts but for now I'm just going to put up a few pictures of Conner over the last few months. He had his 3 mo. birthday yesterday.

2 week stats ( I attribute the low stats to the fact that they didn't let him eat for a full 18 hrs in the hospital)
Weight- 50%
Height- 55%

2 months stats (starting to catch back up)
Head - 70%
Weight - 90%
Height - 95%

Below are a lot of pictures from 2 weeks - 2.5 mo.

 He  love's sleeping with his arms up
 He was looking a little old manish for a while because he had patches of thick hair

 Conner loves spending time with his Auntie Lou Lou.  I probably have more pictures of her with Conner than I have with me and Conner together (probably my fault, I avoid pictures until I lose weight)
 We're both really tired
 daddy and Conner taking a nap

 Conner and his cousin Jackson were born 1 week apart. 
 6 weeks here
 Conner  isn't very happy here. Mark says it's because he's wearing a girly outfit.
 We went to the Bar-J Wranglers in Jackson hold and Conner was dressed for the occasion. 
 Already loves boating :) That infant life jacket was serious business.

 my handsome boy!

 tummy time
 this picture makes me laugh. The hat stayed on for 2 min ( I had to say we used it once)
 gotta love the fohawk

Conner loves his crib and mobile

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