Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Cozumel Baby!!

Last year for Christmas my parents paid for us all to go on a family trip to Cozumel, Mexico for 9 days. It was SUCH a fun vacation!! I love spending time with my family and I feel like we could have fun no matter what we are doing. I'll let the pictures tell the story of our trip with a little narration.
We were set to leave at midnight on Thursday. When we got to the airport we found out that Delta had changed our connecting flight from Atlanta to Cozumel from leaving Friday morning to one leaving Saturday morning! Needless to say we were not happy about this as it would mean we would be spending one of our nights in Atlanta. This was the start of a lot of problems with the airlines including lost ticket information, 5 lost bags, and 1 damaged bag (our baby carrier). Remember when I said that my family has fun no matter what we are doing... well, this was definitely put to the test. We of course were pretty upset about the whole change of tickets so we got a little upset with the airlines and in Atlanta they sent us to Cancun on a flight and then paid for us to take a taxi and ferry to Cozumel (an island).
 We had a lot of baggage!!!
 Because the airlines messed up our flights they put us on a first-class flight from Atlanta to Cancun! I, of course, had no problem with this as the extra room is very appreciated.
 Brenton (my brother) and Carson. What 3-yr-old gets to fly first class!
 Carson and Audrey running around through customs
 Conner was such a good traveler!!! Never even uttered a peep on the flights and was every happy!

 We finally arrived in Cancun 16 hours after leaving from SLC. Notice that there are a lot fewer bags present....that's because they lost 5!!! And the worse part was that it was mine and Conner's bags and our scuba stuff!
 Alisha waiting for the ferry with Conner. Because of the unexpected extra time flying Conner dirtied all the outfits we had and he was a naked boy which was good because it was SO HOT AND HUMID!
 look at that water!
 We were all worn out on the ferry and didn't even bother being outside but ran to the AC room offered.

 Carson was so excited to be on the boat that papa took one for the team
 Beautiful sunset upon arrival. This is a view from our room.

 Our main activity on the trip was scuba diving so you will see a lot of scuba diving pictures. Our whole family is certified and we all have our own equipment. Because of the kids we all had to take a day babysitting the others went out.
I love seeing all the aquatic life but my favorite part of the Cozumel diving was all the caves and underwater tunnels.

 unlikely friendship
 I'm holding a crab
 Mark has a starfish on his hand

 sea snake

 Church on Sunday at the Spanish ward. My family was all troopers considering they don't speak Spanish

 I love this picture
 The resort was all-inclusive so we could go eat at the restaurants and buffet for free whenever we want. It also had a free bar but we didn't take advantage of that offer...we did, however, have about 1,000 virgin pina colada's as a group.

 That cloud is millions off little fish

 wreck dive!

 We actually dove through the wreck so we got to see all the crew's quarters, bathrooms, and cargo departments. I was really focused on videoing as I swam through the wreck so it wasn't till later, above the surface, that everyone told me about the huge eel right by my head!!! I am more scared of eels than sharks yikes!
 The family at the front of the boat

 The resort had all these activities that you could participate in throughout the day--kind of like the movie dirty dancing--so we participated in a couple of them and water volleyball was one of them.

 Papa with Conner
 Carson had more pina colada's than all of us put together.
 just relaxin'
 sippin on a mixed pina colada/strawberry daquiri (jk)
 I'm a big boy I can sit up on the seat by myself

 Audrey loved the all-you-can-eat buffet!! I love the napkin wrapped around her like a cute scarf
 The resort had 5 pools!
 Each family had their own room and you can kinda see the hotel part in the background
 Conner spent a lot of time in his stroller but he was happy as could be! He loves being outside and seeing new things so he was in HEAVEN!
 Day view from our window
I LOVE this picture of Conner looking out the airplane window.

I had been looking forward to this trip since Christmas and now I feel a little empty and sad I don't have it to look forward to. I liken the feeling to how I felt after my wedding day was over (okay maybe that's a stretch). But we had such an awesome time with the family and it was a great way to end the summer!


  1. Oh my gosh. So jealous!! I tried calling you to talk about your fun trip. So happy your babes was so good. Miss you!!

  2. Looks like SUCH a fun trip, regardless of all the baggage lost and damaged. I love the picture of connor with the daquiri! So funny!

  3. Sooo jealous looks like you guys had a blast! Connor is getting so big!:)

  4. So fun!!!! Shan, your baby is so stinkin cute!!!

  5. oh my gosh! how fun!!!! that seemed like an experience of a lifetime. that is super cool you're all scuba certified - what a fun thing to do as a family! I'm gonna suggest it to mine! :)

  6. What good parents you have!! How fun! We went to Cancun earlier this summer and LOVED it, so your pictures bring back all those memories. And yes...we had about 1,000 pina coladas too! :)