Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Roll over beethoven!

Conner officially rolled over September 15th! He was having some tummy time on his mat when all the sudden he got this determined look on his face and just roller over. I had never even seem him attempt before so I was pretty surprised. He has since gotten really close to rolling from his back to his stomach but hasn't gotten there yet.

A couple other facts about him:
  • He grabs on to everything now and will actually play with the toys instead of just looking at them. The hard part is that one of the major things he grabs on to is my hair, which is quite long now.
  • Mark is the king at getting Conner giggling. I swear I will do the same exact things as Mark, but for some reason Conner doesn't think it's funny--great, he already thinks I'm a lame-o. 
  • He loves watching football with his daddy. He will just sit calmly on his lap for a long time watching the game together...that is until Mark gets upset and yells which scares Conner and makes him cry. It's a good thing Mark went to the BYU/Utah football game because I think Conner would have been doing a lot of crying with all the yelling that that game deserved.
  • He loves attention, he will reward any attention given to him with a big smile whether from a family member or a stranger in Costco.
  • He loves being out and about, he is extremely happy if he is exploring new "worlds".
  • He is the love of our lives and we can't get enough of him. He definitely receives his quota for kisses each day.

 watching some football
 Playing halo with daddy.

 always full of smiles
 blue steel face
 I love my baby boy!
Conner & Carson (cousin)

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