Monday, August 8, 2011

Daddys first time giving a bath

We went up to the Greene family cabin (my mom's side of the family) in Island Park over 4th of July weekend and while we were there Mark gave Conner a bath. I have given Conner quite a few sponge baths and baths but this was Mark's first go at it so I ran to grab a camera. When I came back in the room I saw a very focused Mark scrubbing Conner's hair while unbeknownst to him Conner was shooting a fountain of pee on his back. I about died laughing and tried to get a picture but Conner stopped right before I took this picture. Mark was a little embarrassed because he had thought Conner was just splashing with his feet but it wasn't the first time Conner has peed on one of us and it definitely won't be the last!

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  1. Shan, connor is such a doll! He is so handsome! I loved all the newborn photos of him. I cant believe you have a baby. You are does seem like yesterday we were taking our crazy drives up to Salt Lake! I miss those fun drives! :)