Friday, April 8, 2011

I have the best mother in the world!

I love my mother! She has been such a life-saver for me during pregnancy. I had a pretty rough night 2 night's ago with the pneumonia. I woke up several times in a panic attack because I couldn't breath so yesterday morning Mark took me in to urgent care and I a got breathing treatment and stronger medicine. Luckily, Mark had a nebulizer from when he was younger so we didn't have to pay to rent one and I can still get treatments without being in the hospital!

So pretty much the only thing I have wanted to eat was my mom's homemade chicken noodle soup and breadsticks. I texted her and told her this and before I knew it she was knocking on my door (45 min away) with fresh breadsticks and homemade chicken noodle soup! What would I do without her!My pictures don't do it justice but let me tell you it is YUMMMY!!!!


  1. Seriously, how sweet is that?! That is sooo dang nice of her. Mom's are the best. Hope you get feeling better. Sheesh. Being sick while you're pregnant sucks!

  2. Oh my heck I'm so out of the loop.. i had no idea you were expecting! Congrats!! That is so exciting! Being sick is the worst... I have to agree! Hopefully you start feeling better soon! Glad you are on the countdown to being done with school and this pregnancy :) It goes by so fast and soon enough you will wonder where time went! Miss seeing you, it's been YEARS!!