Tuesday, July 6, 2010

scary/ funny story

Before I start my story let me explain something.
I am the biggest scaredy cat alive.
Every night I make Mark check the doors are locked
and then I have to go look myself.
If I ever here a noise then I won't be able to sleep for hours.
If it's dark outside I won't go outside unless someone's with me.
I cannot watch scary movies or I'll have nightmares for a week.
Sometimes when we pray I have to sneak a peak and make sure no one has come in the room.
Now having said that I can tell my story, I just wanted everyone to understand that so they can understand what I went through.
Mark and I were sitting on our bed playing games and I was closest to the door. Mark then started telling me how he was a little freaked out earlier by some random girl who went to the catholic mass who was wandering around and just stood there looking at Mark.
I of course was a little freaked out by this when all of the sudden
I see someone small standing in our bedroom doorway!!
I immediatley scream and continue to scream for 5 seconds untill I register who it was.
Mark screamed also-just not as long:)
No one ever comes to the house so to see someone there and especially in our bedroom without
warning freaked me out and I think my heart stopped.
She (maria) told us that we needed to change our clothes (we were still in dress clothes beecause it was Sunday) and get down the hill to celebrate her birthday with the nuns.
We went down the hill only to find out
1. it wasn't her birthday
2. the nuns knew nothing about what Maria was talking about.
Maria is considered the enforcer here and is always reminding us when we need to be done with
activities and is always getting after the kids.
Some of the time the things she says makes no sense...this was one of those times.

Maria is the one on the top

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  1. Ha ha I love that story. I am always get freaked out too with little noises, but someone in your bedroom i would have died!. There was one night i fell asleep on the couch and i ran into the bedroom telling Erik that either the TV was falling off the wall or someone was outside the window. It was nothing but i was freaked out! especially since we didn't have blinds yet