Saturday, July 10, 2010


We've been trying to think of a project we could do to help the kids here even after we've left. We chose to target our project on the kids who don't ever receive attention because quite frankly some of them are quite intimidating. These are the kids who spend most of the day in their rooms locked in cages, due to their lack of interaction and overall sense of fear that comes with being disabled they are usually screaming or hurting themselves. After some research and prayer we found information on the benefits of art stimulation on the disabled, apparently it not only affects them mentally and psychologically but physically as well. We've started on our first building (5 rooms) and we have them base painted and with the drawings put on the wall.

Mark tracing one of the drawings we found
Me painting the boat on the sea mural we're doing. I have to admit I'm a bit obsessive over the details with the murals because I want everything to be perfect. BUT Mark has reminded me of our experience this past Christmas when we had a timed ginger bread house competition and we lost because I was so obsessive with all the details and we ended up not finishing the house. Hence forth I have to remind myself that this is not the sistine chapel and I can delegate to other people and trust them.

We've gotten pretty for with this one we still need to finish the sand, bottom creatures, and the sea weed coming up. I think it'll be pretty cool and I'm proud of us especially since this is my first time with anything like this.


  1. You guys are artistically talented! Impressive.

  2. You need to put something about this on the Hogar blog!

  3. What a cool idea!! It looks really great!! I am impressed :) I'm sure it will help those little ones more than you know.