Monday, July 19, 2010

5 down!!

The superhero pictures show them not finished but we have finished them now

I don't think the lighting does the superheros justice I'll take another pic later.

Our space mural is finished. The volunteers put more stars than I would have liked but considering it's for the kids the more lights and colors the better it holds their attention

Us starting on the Winnie the Pooh mural

I've already shown a picture of this one but I wanted to include it in the set because it shows all the ones we've done. We've finished the sand now

The other side of the space one. For all those astronomers out there I know that my space mural is by no means correct. If I could go back and switch it I would-not because the kids would now any difference. So I was painting this room and being very detailed on the green saturn and they roll a kid in and I asked if he was blind and they're like yeah he is. Then the next kid is rolled in and he's blind too! I promtly said why in the heck am I painting in this room if they're all blind!!! They started laughing and told me there are two in the room that aren't blind.


  1. Holy cow. These are AMAZING! The winnie the pooh one kicks the butt out of any other tigger-clan I've seen painted n Central or South American walls. I love all of these. They look so much better than I could have imagined them (which I imagined them looking good:)). Keep it up you guys! The kids will LOVE these!

  2. Shanna
    What an adventure! I'm so jealous! My dad told me about your blog and I was so excited to jump on and see what you've been up to! Your pictures are so amazing. It makes me miss China (I know two different countries but so similar at the same time!)I never even knew you had a blog so its good to see whats going on! Nate will be so jealous- he's been wanting to go down south.. Just another year and he'll be done with NP school. Then who knows where we'll be. Will you guys come back and stay in Provo then? The kids are so cute and I bet they adore you. Keep me updated! What an amazing adventure! Have fun- and good job on the murals! They are amazing!