Sunday, June 27, 2010

Shark Dive, Roatan Honduras

Mark and I did a shark dive during our trip to roatan (more pictures coming) we asked a member of our group if he'd send us the video and he put it on youtube so here's the dive. It was pretty scary when we were descending and looking at the sharks beneath us. I have to admit there were butterfly's in my stomach! Then they let us swim with them and I got braver and braver until they were swimming within inches of me! The scary part is when they would swim directly at you and then at the last second turn to your side. The end of the video shows when they open up the bucket and there is a feeding frenzy. It was one of my favorite dives ever.


  1. What tha????!!!!! No you guys didn't!

  2. I don't understand how it was safe to swim with them. Why didn't they attack you? You couldn't pay me enough money to do that. I am terrified of sharks.