Saturday, June 19, 2010

It was sooo nice to be able to go to a beach house of a lady in the other volunteers ward. They go to the wealthy ward and she had one of her drivers take us all down there. While there their personal cook prepared all the food we brought which was SO nice! I tell you what I would have no problem with having a driver, maid, and cook!

The waves were huge! Boogie boarding was made easy because the waves would shoot you up the beach then the underpull would pull you back out without having to do anything!

There was one freaky part! I was in the bathroom and saw that I was covered in sand so I jumped in the shower to wash it off and while I was in there I looked down only to see a scorpion right next to my foot with it's stinger ready and aimed to fire. I screamed and tried to use the water spout to move him out of the way. I hope I never see another one!

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  1. I love this heavenly place. I have been to that beach house three times. It's so relaxing!!