Friday, June 4, 2010

My favorite things about El Salvador

I have two favorite things here that I will sorely miss when I leave.

1.)Pupusas-This one is a given I have loved them since my mission. What I will miss is being able to take a tiny bus up the hill and have about 20 different options of places to go. If you don't know pupusas is like a flat pancake looking thing that has cheese, beans, and meat inside of it. It might not look like much in the picture but it is the most savorey delightful food EVER!
2.) The little Panaderia- There is the most quaint little bakery that is basically a window you walk up to in a little shack looking building. It extends on in the back and that's where the ovens are and a aroma of fresh french bread and baking treats overcomes your senses. We bought 16 of the scruptious little french bread loafs for 1$!! We love them!
We call Marks hairdo right now the "lloyd Christmas" stage. He decided that if there was ever a time he could grow his hair out it'd be now. It's just a little akward. But he's still a hottie


  1. Isn't the bread place incredible???? AND SO CHEAP!

    You know, I love pupusas too...but by the end of my three-month stay, they made me want to puke. I think I had a few too many. But now I like them again.

  2. Papusas Are SWEET!!! I love the little hand made delectables. Also yes Mark is a little hottie =D Congrats Bro on getting into the accounting program. I didn't know until just now.

  3. A: I love this blog so much!
    B: I miss those pupusas and bread
    C: You should try their Fresa soda (but only the Tropical brand!). Yum. I normally don't care for Strawberry soda (or soda in general) but this is good.
    and D: I miss El Salvador and those kids so much! Live it up!!