Monday, January 7, 2013

Thanksgiving in California

For Thanksgiving this year we went to California with Mark's family. Mark's parents run a beach condo business in Oceanside so we were able to stay in a couple of those on the beach and it was AWESOME!
I was a little nervous about Conner flying. This was only the second time he's flown but the first was when he was 2 months old and he was a cinch then. The thing that worked the best was watching a movie on our portable DVD player. I've had the DVD player since I was 16 and let me tell you that was the smartest investment EVER! I Jimmy rig that thing up in the car on road trips and I take it with me everywhere. People were laughing in the plane because Conner had these huge head phones on (see the pic above) and he was just watching away. The flight and excitement wore him out and he fell asleep in my arms waiting for the baggage. At first I thought it was awesome because he NEVER falls asleep like that, but then the shuttle was taking F.O.R.E.V.E.R  and my arms were killing me.
Conner was in heaven chasing the seagulls.  There were a few times that I was scared they were going to attack him.

Family Pic 2012

The view right off our back porch

 Mom and Dad Warr treated all us kids to a day at Disneyland/California Adventure. They stayed home with the grandkids while we all went. I felt a little guilty not having Conner because he LOVES the movie Cars and they have a whole Cars land but the guilt was fleeting as he couldn't have gone on many rides and I know that him and lines would not have meshed well.

There was no way I was buying the picture they took so I just snapped a pic of the screen :)

My photo bombing sisters-in-law in the back :)

We spent most of our day at California Adventure but my sis in law Chelsea and I really wanted to go on Splash Mountain so we ran over. We were disheartened when the wait was 2 hours until we snuck in the back as singles and got on in 5 min!!! It was so worth it. Some guy even gave me his poncho. Funny thing was the family I rode in the log with totally threw up gang signs during the picture and actually bought it after they got off and I was in the back with my poncho hahaha!
 We also spent a lot of time in the pool! My friend Jayni lent me her sons floaties and Conner was loving the freedom.

Conner was chasing and running from the waves and I'm afraid he lost the race. 

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  1. What a fun Thanksgiving! Love the family pics. Jealous of your Disney day. Conner is adorable.