Thursday, November 1, 2012

Murder Mystery Dinner

To break in our new house and in honor of Halloween I decided to host a murder mystery dinner. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN! I am lucky to have a LOT of cousins that live near by. As you can tell from the picture below there are a lot of us...There are even quite a few that are "of age" and not pictured (meaning in college or older). I love having a fun/nerdy family that will get in to anything

The theme of the murder mystery dinner was a costume ball so everyone got assigned characters and costumes to be.

Mark was a roman dictator and I was an Egyptian... 
 Brenton was a snake charmer...We were all a bit repulsed by his outfit. He ended up getting murdered as pictured above. The funny this was I was supposed to put together a kit for the person being murdered and have it ready under the sink. I should have read the instructions fully more than 1 hour before the party began because it told me to have crime scene tape and white face paint to make them a ghost. Luckily I had bought crime scene stuff to decorate for the party but unfortunately I did not have white face paint! So I put flour in a plastic bag and put it under the sink. The funny thing is I put the little bag next to the comet so when Brenton (my brother) took his cue to get murdered he thought he was putting comet on his face but did it anyway! What a goob

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