Monday, March 28, 2011

Bocce Ball

For those of you not acquainted with the fine art of "bocce" you are missing it out. My family plays it quite a bit so last year we introduced it to Mark's side of the family and it became an instant hit. We were eager for the nice weather so that we could break out the set we bought for Mark's dad last year for fathers day. Just for the record Mark and I kicked butt one game and dominated. (I won't include the results from the other games)
Unfortunately I was so eager to play some bocce that I didn't care to put shoes on. What was a cold turned into pneumonia. I'm not really sure it was pneumonia but the thing is both my dad and my sister got pneumonia and I'm positive that I have been every bit as sick (if not more sick) than they have--I think that I coughed up a lung this past week-- and seeing as I never went into the doctor, just called him and he said "sounds like it's a bad case of bronchitis" and called me in the same prescription that they have, I will go ahead and say I had pneumonia.
30 weeks! I decided to include this picture because it shows Conner how much I love him. Some day he will see this picture and say "mom, you were huge!" and I will say "yes I was son, I did it because I love you!" And I will have no problem with him telling me how huge I was because at that point I will be very skinny and stylish :) Actually I probably shouldn't say skinny because the other day on a show they got mad at moms who mentioned skinny and fat. They said you should use words like "fit" and "healthy" so I will rephrase and say I will be fit and stylish!

My brother-in-law, John, and his fiance, Rika. I'm super excited that they are getting married and I'm excited to have Rika as a sister-in-law (especially because this brings another volleyball player into the family). What I'm not so excited about is the fact that they get married 2 weeks before I'm due. John says that it would be cool if I winter into labor during the wedding.....I don't know about that. I'm going to try and stay out of as many pictures as possible.
The bocce playas!

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