Sunday, March 20, 2011

29 weeks!

29 weeks!!! I wish I could say 39 weeks because that would mean that I was almost done and this was as big as I was going to get but sadly, that's not the case. I see myself in this picture and wonder how can I get any bigger?? I always had hopes that because I'm so tall I would be one of the "lucky ones" that doesn't hardly show at all, but since I struck out in that ball game my new hope is that I'll be one of the "lucky ones" that loses weight quickly because of nursing :)

Interesting effects of pregnancy:

On the first day of my third trimester I celebrated by throwing up. Mark took a picture of me laying on the ground in misery with the bowl by my head but I thought I'd spare you all. This, of course, isn't a new development more a continuation.

Before pregnancy I was a pee 2-3 times-a-day kind of girl. Now, I don't even think I could count how many times I go and it's really started getting to me. (It doesn't help that at the place I work the women's bathroom is on the first floor and I'm on the second floor so every time I need to go to the bathroom I have to walk a flight of stairs)
Well, the other day I was getting ready for school and had to pee for the 3rd time that morning. I thought I'd teach my bladder a lesson by not giving in every time the urge presented itself; I also reasoned that if I held it, my bladder would get stretched out and be able to hold more for the future. So I ran out of the house and started driving to BYU, about 5 min out I got that tickle that means a sneeze is coming on. And before I could prepare myself I had the most gargatuan sneeze of all time AND...I peed my pants. Yep, just like a 2 year-old-girl I peed my pants. Of course I stopped it after the first gush and didn't let my bladder empty completely but that first gush was enough to make me turn around and go home to change my clothes. Needless to say I was late for class.


  1. Welcome to pregnancy. Stop drinking after 6 pm and you'll only need to get up 1 or 2 times during the night. And guess what?! As you get closer to the end it only gets worse. You go even more often but less pee comes out. Awesome. Oh, and the inability to hold your bladder with sneezing, jumping, coughing, laughing, etc does't go away after you have a baby. Burke is 18 months and a little pee still sneaks out if I'm not careful. These are the joys of pregnancy and motherhood!!!

    You look cute though!

  2. Hahahahaha I am laughing so hard out loud at work right now. Now you know how it feels to be me and Laken...welcome to the club!!

  3. That is hilarious!!! Good thing you were just in your car and not in class. . . I want to plan a shower for you so let me know when you want to do it?

  4. You are so funny! I'm sorry your still so sick! That is not fun at all. least you look adorable!