Thursday, November 4, 2010

Harry Potter Halloween

Those who know me know I LOVE HARRY POTTER! In one of my classes we were discussing why some people are able to enjoy books and movies and why others can' all has to do with your ability to suppress reality and limitations. If you find yourself saying quite frequently during movies or books, "there's no way that can happen" then you my friend have a problem suppressing reality. I, on the other hand, have the complete opposite problem, I am unable to bring myself back to reality after experiencing a particularly good book or movie. Usually the spell that the most recent story has on me will wear off little-by-little after a few weeks, but the wizarding world of Harry Potter has never worn off; I am convinced that somehow my owl got lost on its way to bring me my acceptance letter to Hogwarts. It has been my dream to dress as Harry Potter and Hermione for Halloween since I read the first book AND IT FINALLY CAME TRUE! I lucked out to marry someone who resembles Harry Potter(though a much hotter version), and we were able to impress everyone at the party we went to. I love Halloween--really I love any holiday that gives me an opportunity to get a break from the everyday goings of life. The best part about these costumes is that we will be wearing them for the 7th movie part 1 that comes out November 19!


  1. I'm impressed! Not only that you talked Mark in to doing this, but that your costumes are so good :)
    All you need now is a toy cat and owl to complete your look.
    PS- if you want an invite to my blog send me an email.

  2. You guys look spectacular. Has Travis told you about when he and I tried to sneak into Hogwarts at the Harry Potter park in Florida? We didn't make it, but we found a billboard of Harry and took a picture with it instead :). Jeff and I want to go see the movie too so save us a seat!!