Sunday, August 29, 2010

I love little kids

Mark and I work in the nursery and I love asking the little kids questions and hearing their answers. I got my inspiration for doing this from the movie made in the 70's by the church called "From the Mouth of Babes." The following was my conversation with 3 yr old Eli.

"Eli who is Jesus?"

"(thinking for a second) um I think he is a prophet!" He says this very excited and proud of himself.

"Good job Eli! And what does he do?"

"He teaches the little kids things"

"What does he teach you?"

"He teaches me Spanish and French, that's what the prophets teach"

"Oh, what sorts of words has he taught you"

"Well I actually make up most of my words because I can't hear him very well because he's in the sky. But, the one word I have learned from him is vamanos ya. That means come on yeah."

I had to hold back my laughing because he was so serious and matter fact about all of this.

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