Sunday, September 12, 2010

Where were you on Sep 11?

I mentor a little spanish girl named Jacqueline and each week I take her out to do something and spend time with her. She's from Mexico and is still getting used to the U.S. She told me that her teacher said that we will never forget what happened on September 11 and that it is one of those events where everybody will remember where they were and how they felt. I believe that's true.
I think for generations much older than mine it joins a list of others: pearl harbor, atomic bombs drop, cuban missle crisis, President Kennedy assasination, man landing on the moon etc...
My list is probably Princess Diana's death, Oklahoma city bombing, Columbine shooting, with September 11th having the biggest impact. I remember I was listening to 94.9 zht getting ready on my bed it was about 7:50ish and some listener called and said "I heard a plane ran into the space center! Why haven't you announced anything on the radio?" The announcers scrambeled then found the information being received and so I ran to the TV and was shocked at what I saw. I couldn't get another tardy for school so I had to run but my first period was honors history and we just watched the TV and saw when the second plane hit the other tower. I remember thinking "how did this happen we're the United States!" All that day and the next the nation was glued to the TV as the different tragedies and heroic events were brought to light.
I truly can say I am proud to be an American! I was proud before, but I think that after living in El Salvador for the summer and seeing just how lucky we are compared to most of the world I am more than proud and also blessed to be from the United States. Maybe Obama is leading us to destruction but even with him we're still a whole heck of a lot better of than most.

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