Wednesday, August 4, 2010


This was the hostel we stayed when we went and toured the civil war sights (1980-1991). I always thought I was one of those rugged people who loved traveling so much that it didn't matter where they stayed......wrong. After staying in so many hostels like this I decided I am a luxurious traveler-I wouldn't even say luxurious necessairly more a bathroom with a toilet seat, sheets that have been washed, and a safe environment. The lady told us we had the special "suit." Just look for yourself and tell me how special it looks.

This was the door right next to our room????? Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
See how our door closes-a rebarb, see how much space is under the door for anything to get it-gross!
It is all cement. Those blankets on the bed had not been washed in a couple years and I think they'd wrapped the blankets around a tree because there were little sticks coming out of it all over the place.

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