Thursday, April 22, 2010

I love cousins!

It is so wonderful to have my cousins be my best friends because that means that they're kinda stuck with me. I am very lucky to come from a family where all of us cousins are tight and support one another! We went to Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, a play at the Hale Center Theater, and I have NEVER seen a more funny play. I was almost peeing my pants, I really don't know how Laken and Jessi kept it together because they usually pee their pants at the drop of a hat. Only down side was that all the boys seemed to be getting lap dances from the dancers because we were on the front row! I don't know if they tell the actors to pick someone to look at to ease their nerves but please don't pick my husband. One of the funniest parts was that we snuck in a big package of doghnuts in Lakens purse-or really you could call it Barney's bag it was so huge- and we ate them while everybody else was paying 5$ for a little bag of popcorn!! We showed them!

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