Tuesday, January 19, 2010

bummer weekend

This weekend was the weekend from H-E-double hockeysticks! I really needed a weekend away because during Christmas I worked double time every day(except christmas day) so we decided to go up to a cabin in fairview of our friends. We got the snowmobiles and food packed and headed up there. When we finally got to the top the boys went to go drive in to the cabin and get it started meanwhile me and Krista waited in the car. Well about 2hrs later they come back telling us one of the machines is broken and won't start and they're going to have to drag it back to the car. We were still thinking on going on in to the cabin but then the sled even broke from behind the snowmobile so it nixed that idea!! They finally get the broken machine back to the car at about midnight and we're debating on what to do about this time we're all really tired and worn out with nowhere to go. We decide to head back down the mountain and call the other guys parents hoping that somehow they would have the magical touch that parents always do and make everything better. To make a long story short we end up sleeping in the car. I slept 1 hr total because about that time I started getting really sick! That night was the most miserable of my life all I could picture in my head was my nice big warm bed at home! I almost considered getting out of the car and sleeping on the snowy ground. After getting snowmobiles fixed in the morning (and a couple trips to the bathroom by me) we arrived at the cabin...that's when the puking began! They told me i'm a graceful puker??? Who knows how that's possible....but I guess it's in comparison to Mark who started throwing up as well but who made loud noises? So there we are in our cabin get-a-way not able to eat anything and dehydrated so we decide to head on home. I think Heavenly Father was trying to tell us that we just weren't supposed to be there. On the machines coming back mine decides it's not strong enough to hold me and Mark so I have to get off and walk, meanwhile I'm shaking because I'm so weak and feel like I'm going to faint. We finally get back to the car ,dry heaving all the way, and head home to sleep for the remaining days of our break! What a horrible vacation!

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  1. Alright Shanna, I'm expecting an update here... with lots of pictures! :)