Friday, September 7, 2012

My little parakeet

This little guy just melts my heart!! He is quite the adventurer lately and usually has some sort of cut or bruise despite my constant hovering (I can't help it!)

Conner has recently exploded in his language development. He went from hardly saying mama or dada to repeating all sorts of words and using a vocabulary of around 15-20 words consistently in a matter of weeks.

Of course to the untrained ear most of what he says would just sound like nonsense but it's the progress that counts :)

You can see all the moving boxes in the background for our packing... We are now in the new house (more on that later)

Conner's phonetics:

grandma = ahma
grandpa = pah
ball = bah
no no
horse= ho or just neeeehhh
fishy = see see
thank you = de oo
more = moh
bubbles = buh buh
bye bye = buh buh (very similar to the one above I know but they're different)
love you = uv ew
car = voom, ca
hakuna matata = hun ata hun ata (his favorite movie is Lion King and everytime this song comes on he gets up and dances and sings along.

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