Sunday, May 20, 2012

My little horse whisperer

There are a few things that Conner loves. Two things that are very high on the list are
1.) walks and
2.) horses.
Luckily there are quite a few horses that live within walking distance from our house so every day either Mark or I will take a walk with him to the horses. We found one pasture of horses that are particularly friendly so we have become regulars there. Conner could stay all day with the horses and be happy. They like to come up to the fence and have us pet them. I was surprised because Conner was timid with dogs at first but with horses he was not shy or nervous at all. In fact, he leaned forward and pet the horse without me coaxing him to do so! Whenever he sees horses he starts pointing and squawking. I love horses as well so if we are in the position financially later in life I would definitely get some. There is something so calming about petting horses and riding them. Conner is my little horse whisperer.

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