Saturday, March 17, 2012


My parents are watching my brother's kids while he and his wife are in San Diego. This morning my nephew who's 3 said "grama what exciting thing do you have planned today for us!" Feeling the pressure, they decided to take the kids to the zoo and so they invited Conner and I along for the fun. We have been tagging along a lot lately since Mark has been work 75 hour weeks for over a month now which includes Saturdays. Conner did get excited about the elephants and giraffes but the rest of the animals weren't so
up close and personal so he just enjoyed the ride.

Conner and I had on our green for St. Patricks day!
I loved Audrey's smile. classic

classic picture


  1. LOVE the zoo! We have a zoo pass for the year and we have been countless times.. My girls LOVE it! So much fun! Hey I tried emailing you an invite to Ann's baby shower next weekend but it came back.. if you can send me or facebook me your email I will get it to you! I emailed it to your mom too! :)