Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Feliz Navidad

Just catching up here! I've always heard people say that the holidays are so much more fun with kids and they're definitely right! I mean how could you not just smile when you see the cute little rudolph below!
My grandma is incredible! While we were in Arizona I asked her to make Conner this Rudolph hat and she sent me home not only with the reindeer hat but a snoman hat as well! Because Conner is a boy,obviously, I accessorize by his hats and shoes :)
For the first time this year we went and saw the zoo lights!! Boy were we impressed. I mean, temple square is always a classic but these lights were really fun. In addition to the normal tree lights they had all sorts of lights like animals that were animated. We went on pretty much the only day it snowed around Christmas time but the snow and cold made it all the more magical.
Not sure what Mark is grabbing here!

We spent all Christmas Eve with my family. Here are my parents with their grandchildren.
We get toys every year from my dad and this year we all got fighting tops! It was pretty cool because they were all different sizes and had different features. We did a full tournament. Sadly I didn't win :(
My parents even bought an arena for the tops to battle in.
For dinner we had soups and breadsticks and Jennifer made an awesome Rasberry bread pudding.
I was in charge of the games this year so we did some Christmas minute-to-win-it games! It was really funny. I didn't get pictures of all the different games. We split up into teams and for the game below you had to put vaseline on your nose and by swinging your head you had to get a pom pom that was attached to tape hanging from your mouth to land on your nose. Did that make sense?

Another game we played was the kissing ornaments game. You had to move ornaments from one side of the room to another by kissing it.
My grandparents even got in on the action! My grandpa is a total ham (we all got it from him) and he used this opportunity to get a little frisky with my grams!!
*Games not pictured snowflake fight, O Christmas tree (with whip cream cans), and Jingle bells.

Then it was time to open presents. We got a sword that lights up for Carson from the Zoo. When he saw them at the zoo Carson was begging his parents for one but they stayed strong and didn't give in to his tantrums-but we did :) We got one for him and he was so surprised when he saw it Christmas Eve.
True to little kid fashion Audrey loved the boxes. Conner had a fever and wasn't feeling well so he was asleep.
Bill (my Dad's work partner who has been living with them) bought all of the boys high powered nerf guns and they had a war downstairs. By the looks of it Tyler lost!
Christmas day we spent with Mark's family and this time Conner got a little more in on the actions. He was actually pretty good at ripping the wrapping paper off of the presents. I think this stems from his love of paper! He loves to eat paper so I have to make sure there isn't any in reach.

Christmas was really awesome this year! I wasn't that great at taking pictures but some are better than none. Because we're saving to buy a house Mark and I decided not to get each other gifts but Mark surprised me with an AWESOME new snowboarding coat! I've already used it once at Brighton and it work like a charm! I love my hubby!
Okay so I'm obviously way late on this post but better late than never right :)

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