Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My personal florist

Mark is finally taking a class that I can get excited about and help him with, floral design. This past year was torture because he would use me as a sound board to help memorize all his accounting stuff and boy is that boring! I seriously felt like he was speaking another language most of the time. But now, with floral design, I don't mind helping him at all. The other day I was talking about color schemes and not only could he follow what I was saying but he contributed to the conversation! In the past he laughed when I would talk about feng shui and how certain colors give feelings but now he actually agrees! He took the class to satisfy one of his generals in arts because a counselor told him it was an "easy A" class. Now I get to enjoy new flower arrangements every week and my kitchen looks like a mini greenhouse. The picture above is his latest work of art. He may be slightly embarrassed that I am making this post ;)

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