Thursday, May 19, 2011

Masters program

I'm so proud of Mark! Today we found out that he got into the Macc program (masters in accounting) at BYU. The program is consistently ranked in the top 3 in the country. We thought that the accounting bachelors program was difficult to get into but the MAcc is even harder so it is a huge blessing that he did. It's funny how different our approaches towards school are, he is the worrier and stresses about every test and quiz. He's been telling me not to get my hopes up about getting in the program but I knew he would because he usually does really well on the tests and it seems like everyone in the world is calling to study with him or to ask for help. He is such a hard worker and deserves every bit of what he's gotten.
He also got a "Mr. congeniality" scholarship for next year because he was voted by his teachers and classmates and the most helpful, honest, and hard working student. The award isn't really called Mr. Congeniality but that's basically what it is.


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