Monday, January 24, 2011

The next stage in life

It's more than time that I make this post about our soon-to-be little boy. It's crazy for me to think that I will soon have a little boy and I will be a mother. It seems like ever since I was a little girl I have always looked forward to the next big "event" and it wasn't that long ago that the event I was looking forward to was entering in YW's, playing on a Varsity team, getting my first kiss, going to prom, driving, graduating, playing in college, and then getting married. There were times when I thought I'd never be able to move onto the next "step" but life always had a way of working itself out and here I am on the eve of the biggest step that I feel exists and I couldn't be more thrilled/nervous. I feel like everytime I start getting anxious about such an incredible responsibility I feel him kick and I am overcome by love for this little guy.

Here is what's been going on...
I know we all have trials of different sorts and being really sick during pregnancy is one of mine. Feeling like I have the flu for 5 straight months (and counting) won't be one of my fondest memories. I don't think there is a place or situation where I haven't thrown up: testing center, in my car, on myself, in class, at church, work, home, restaurant etc. I'm sure I will laugh at these stories later. Luckily I have a wonderful husband who in the midst of the Jr. Core accounting school has helped me through it all.

I made it through my 2nd to last semester of school with 15 credits and working. I have no idea how I did it and still got good grades. I think that maybe my running out of class with a garbage can made my teachers feel sorry for me.

We learned we were having a boy on December 16th when I was 16 weeks pregnant. When I saw his little thing I was in shock (I thought it was a girl) and I asked the doctor and he said "look at that thing THAT does not lie!" I was happy when I heard that his legs measured a week ahead of the rest of his body.

I am now in my last semester of college and it is such a good feeling to have the end in sight. This semester has been so much easier than last because I only have 9 credits and they are at a good time of the day. I have also been blessed to work at a place that will work with me and allow me to stay home when I'm too sick to get out of bed.

I am going on 22 weeks of being pregnant and I feel like in the last two weeks I have popped and am starting to show. It's a crazy roller coaster but we are so excited for Conner(that's the name we chose) to come.

Here are a few pictures
Look he's already got a muscle!

definitely well endowed :)


  1. I love ultrasound pictures! It was fun to see you at the shower and I'm sorry you're so sick! I threw up in the temple while embarrassing even though everyone was very nice about it. Best of luck in your last semester of school and with the rest of your pregnancy!

  2. Shanna you're my hero. I can't believe all your accomplishments while sick and pregnant! I am sorry you are so sick. I was that way as well! Better days to come! Congrats on the baby boy!!

  3. That is awesome Shanna! It seems like we haven't seen you in forever! You are such a cute prego girl! Yay! :) And Jared and i still laugh about the Christmas card we had to read in front of G-ma and G-pa. Can't believe you made us do that :)