Thursday, June 6, 2013

Playing around the house

Here's what everyday activities look like at our house. Everyone that meets Conner tell me he is the cutest little boy but he is also the MOST ACTIVE, ADVENTUROUS, DAREDEVIL little boy that has not had his common sense switch turned on. He definitely makes each day interesting for me! I know he's sick when I look back on the day and realize that I didn't have to save his life that day :) I'm not kidding either! I picked him up from the nursery and his teacher told me "I've never seen a little boy climb the things he does!" They are constantly amazed by are we! He just turned 2 and hopefully I'll get a birthday post out soon! I love this little boy with all my heart because for as crazy as he is he also can't go a day without cuddling time during a book or "Mater's Tall Tales".

I was pretty proud of myself for the fort and Con played inside for a couple minutes but then he decided that jumping on the roof and crashing down and having it all cave in on him was more fun!

I'm sure some day I'll use my formal dinning room for it's intended purpose but it probably gets WAY more use like it is now!

I do clean my toy room I promise!! But it usually ends up looking like this within a few hours.

 Can you believe I came back from the bathroom and he was inside the very top shelf of my hutch! 1 MINUTE I LEFT THIS BOY ALONE!

His two favorite books! I've read them 1,000 times!


  1. I love this! That's awesome his nursery leaders are amazed by his climbing skills hehe I love seeing all the fun stuff you do with/for him. I'm not so good at getting creative haha