Sunday, January 15, 2012


So I'm wayyy behind with my blog. Hopefully I can be better at updating this year.

Back in December we went to Arizona to see my family. When I was a kid I used to go to Phoenix to see my cousins and grandparents at least once a year, but it had been five years since I had gone back so when I heard my parents were going down for a convention me and Conner hitched a ride. Because Mark had finals he flew in a few days later and drove back with us. He hadn't even met a lot of them.

Because there wasn't enough room for me to pack Conner's big bulky jogging stroller we had to rent one from the mall. I did not expect the stroller to be a little car but let me tell you Conner LOVED it! He held onto the steering wheel and was driving the whole time!

One of the highlights of the trip was the annual "Greene family santa party" I looked forward to this event every year as a kid and they've amped it up because now they rent out a blow up toys building and do it there. They've had this Santa coming for over 30 years! Along with his elf Zippy (a midget).

We went out to eat A LOT while we were down there. We were happy that Mark's brother, Brent, was in town because of business so we got together one night for dinner. Conner loves his uncle Brent (probably because of all the attention he gives him).
One of Conner's new favorite things is drinking from a big cup.

Apparently my new Grandpa Chuck has an obsession with golfing! (My grandma recently remarried) We were the beneficiaries of this love of golfing as he got us all our own set of golf clubs!!! We decided that we needed to make good use of the great weather and visit the driving range. I haven't golfed much in my days so my bucket lasted longer than others because many of by balls just dribbled down at my feet so I could reuse them, but by the end of the bucket I was hitting some really good ones!

This hat cracks me up. Conner looks like a little elf in it!
This was another night eating out. The food was SO good. If you're ever in Phoenix or Gilbert Arizona try Tia Rosa's.
My cute padres!

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  1. Shan you are so cute and so is your little boy. Looks like you guys had fun. Miss ya.